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Airparc France


Airparc France is located in the foothills of the majestic Pyrénées Mountains
of southwestern France, nestling between northern Hautes-Pyrénées and southern Gers,
close to the village of Rabastens de Bigorre, approximately 15 minutes drive north
of the market town of Tarbes.

Airparc France is centrally located between four international airports whose drive times are:
Pau International Airport - 40 minutes
Biarritz International Airport - 1 ¾ hours
Toulouse International Airport - 1 ¾ hours
Bordeaux International Airport - 2 ½ hours
Some of the incredible local and day trip attractions for private flying are:
The Pyrénéan Mountains of southwestern France and northern Spain
The beautiful and famous beaches of southwestern France around Biarritz and northern Spain
The vineyards of Bordeaux
The Mediterranean Sea
Longer overnight trips could easily include Paris, St. Tropez, Nice, Monte Carlo, Monaco,
Loire Valley, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Geneva, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Naples, Madrid,
Barcelona and Lisbon to name but a few.

The European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, will validate your ICAO pilot
license for private flying in Europe.

Airport Grass Runway € 200,000 (US$ 261,000)

The 2,170 x 70 ft. grass runway, with a 30 ft. mown grass safety band either side,
is orientated 16/34 to suit the prevailing winds, as indicated in dark blue on the
below Google Earth map. Also indicated on the map is a light blue outline; through
an agreement with the three airpark phase 2 property owners the runway can be extended
by a further 570 ft, giving a total runway length of 2,740 ft.

Situated at approximately 700 feet above sea level the airport has good approaches,
is flat, pest free, well drained and creates an income from its users. The airport
is certified and licenced by the DGAC, the French civil aviation authorities,
for private use of all aviation types compatible with the runway characteristics.
Aircraft based at the airpark have included a hot air balloon, helicopters,
fixed wings, microlights and autogyros

Hangars € 40,000 (US$ 52,000)

The airport has two, large door hangars suitable for multiple small aircraft,
and there is plenty of room to build additional hangars if desired. There is also
maintenance garage suitable for a grass mowing tractor, tools and other airpark equipment.
This area is indicated by the green outline on the Google Map on the PDF form.

Maison d’Hôte (land only) € 60,000 (US$ 78,000)

Planning permission in the past has been granted for a 5 bedroom Bed & Breakfast style
facility complete with swimming pool and vehicle garage for fly-in pilots and passengers,
to include lounge/fly-in club facilities and living quarters for the proprietor.
The building lot already has full electric, water and septic waste system, see PDF plan
for area details and location. This area is indicated by the red outline on the PDF.

This planning permission has now expired, however planning approval remains in place for a
similar sized building, which may also include an airport club house or small hotel with swimming pool.


The airfield was purchased from a local French pilot in 2005, with a view to development
into a fun, friendly, local airpark with initially 14 private dwelling building lots
for sale, and a comfortable fly-in hotel and club house facility to be built.

Situated in a wonderful location close local international airports, interesting local
French villages and amazing scenery, the new owner saw that the airpark has unlimited
and unique European potential. Sadly the dream outlived the new owner,
however the dream still lives on.

All of the 14 x phase 1 and 3 x phase 2 private dwelling lots with planning permission
have been sold, however one home on the airpark is available for sale separately should a
prospective purchaser be interested.

Additional Land for Sale € 50,000 (US$ 66,000)

Also available for purchase, indicated by the yellow outlines below, is 17 acres of adjacent
land consisting primarily of raised, wooded hillside with spectacular views for future development.
A portion of this land is currently being used by the local 4x4 club as a practice ground.
The area certainly has residential housing development potential.

For further details and an interactive Google Earth placemark,
initial contact should be made in English or French through

Peter Suddards
Airfield Manager, Airparc France
42 Rue du Château
65140 Rabastens de Bigorre
Hautes Pyrénées
Cell: +33 679 144 886 GMT + 1hr (+ 1hr DST)